July 23, 2009

OK so our new and very own site has been created and this one has been shut down.
the info will stay on here, but nothing new will be added.

the new site is:


update 2

July 4, 2009

so technical issues abound. hence no newwebsite, no new extracted texts from call outs, no new nothing. sorry bout that folks. on all other fronts things seem to be progressing nicely, but the “front shop window” hasn’t arrived yet.

more later

Second Call Out

June 30, 2009

So this is the second call out that we agreed on at the meeting (amongst other things mind you!)

only in English so far: Call II ENG flat

the raw text will get extracted and posted separately soon


June 30, 2009

Ok, so…sorry for the long time took to get this update up here.

The international meeting in June went well. Plenty of people came. An IT solution should be forthcoming. We are experiencing severe delays in creation of the promised website, which should be

but we are getting there! Also I’ve tried to fix the link for the english call out and I’ve added the english version of our second call out too….Also I’m adding text files with the text without layout for as many call outs as I can.

Please go nuts!!

Next meeting: September 11th – 13th, Copenhagen. Agenda to come.

Contact phone no.

June 16, 2009

The contact phone number will be active from Wednesday morning.

The number is: +45 50651834

from this phone you will be able to get directions for accommodations etc on Wednesday.

Agenda Proposal

Thursday June 18th 09.00-22.00

09.00-09.30: Info + welcome (logistics, food, etc.). BREAKFAST.
09.30-10.30: Introduction and goals for the meeting.
10.45-11.15: Summary and follow up on Utrecht.
11.15-12.00: Legal info and rights.
12.00-13.00: LUNCH
13.00-14.00: Action groups (intro to existing groups and creating new)
14.00-19.00: Action groups – break out meetings.
19.00-20.00: DINNER
20.00-22.00: Sum up and clean up.

Friday June 19th 09.00-20.00

09.00-09.30: BREAKFAST.
09.30-11.00: Principles of the network.
11.00-12.00: Describing ourselves to the world and CJA.
12.00-13.00: LUNCH
13.00-15.00: Revision of call out.
15.00-17.00: Next meeting. Logistics + practical groups + communication.
17.00-19.00: SPARE TIME
19.00-20.00: DINNER + clean up.
20.00-22.00: Movie?

22.00-??.??: Party.


Forslag til Dagsorden

Torsdag d. 18. juni 09.00-22.00

09.00-09.30: Info + velkomst (Logistik, mad, mv.). MORGENMAD.
09.30-10.30: Introduktion og mål med mødet.
10.45-11.15: Resume og opsamling af Utrecht.
11.15-12.00: Info om rettigheder og love i DK
12.00-13.00: FROKOST
13.00-14.00: Aktionsgrupper (intro til nuværende samt dannelse af nye)
14.00-19.00: Aktionsgrupper – gruppemøder.
19.00-20.00: AFTENSMAD.
20.00-22.00: Opsamling og oprydning.

Fredag d. 19. juni 09.00-20.00

09.00-09.30: MORGENMAD
09.30-11.00: Grundprincipper for netværket.
11.00-12.00: Udmelding til omverden og CJA (præsentation)
12.00-13.00: FROKOST
13.00-15.00: Revidering af call out.
15.00-17.00: Næste møde. Logistik + praktiske grupper + kommunikation.
17.00-19.00: EKSTRA TID
19.00-20.00: AFTENSMAD + Oprydning.
20.00-22.00: Evt. film.

22.00-??.??: Fest.

Transport info and more

June 16, 2009

ok, so here’s the latest>

Tomorrow a phone number will be posted for those of you arriving on Wednesday. Accommodations have been sorted out for all days from Wednesday.
From Thursday morning signs in Christiania will be directing meeting participants to the venue.
We will try to post a map with directions before Wednesday, but for now here are directions from three major transport hubs:

From the Central Station:
Go outside towards Tivoli (to your right when you come up from the platforms)
– get bus 66 towards ‘Operaen’ and get off at ‘Prinsessegade’, which is right outside Christiania), or
– get bus 2A towards ‘Lufthavnen’ (airport) and get off at ‘Christianshavns st.’ (from here you have to walk straight until the second crossing and then turn left. Follow the street until you reach Christiania in about five minutes).

From the airport:
Get the metro towards ‘Vanløse St.’ and get off at ‘Christianshavns St.’ (from here you have to walk straight until the second crossing and then turn left. Follow the street until you reach Christiania in about five minutes).

From ‘Nørreport St.’:
Get the metro towards ‘Vestamager’ or ‘Lufthavnen’ and get off at ‘Christianshavns St.’ (from here you have to walk straight until the second crossing and then turn left. Follow the street until you reach Christiania in about five minutes).

If you are arriving by car: BE AWARE parking is very limited near Christiania and it is not possible/allowed to drive your car in Christiania itself!
From Motorway E47 take exit towards E20 and then exit 20 (‘København C’) keeping right onto ‘Vejlands Alle’. Follow this past the metroline and take a left in the first major intersection onto ‘Røde Mellemvej’. This then leads north to Christiania and you can park in the vicinity if you pay attention to the signage, one easy option is ‘Refshalevej’. Most parking in the area is quite expensive though, if you’re not lucky to get a space on Refshalevej.

Almost everyone knows how to get to Christiania and it’s in most toursit guides. Once there, most people will know where “Byens Lys” is.

Here is the edited version of the call out in English and Danish with the added venue and address of this blog.

Her er den nye udgave af vores call out i en engelsk og dansk version. Nyt er stedet og denne blog.


sorry for the delay – hard to come by good internet these days…here they are!

English: Call ENG flat (fixed?)

Dansk: Call DK flat

Deutsch: Call DE flat

What> The next international meeting of the Never Trust A COP network.

When> 18th and 19th of June. Both days from 10am til 8pm (approximately)

Where> In “Byens Lys” (“Lights of the City”) in Christiania.

Who> As it says in the call out, everyone is welcome, but there will be no hierachical structures accepted – that means no NGOs or GOs or political parties or representatives of such.

Food and sleep>There will be provided lunch and dinner both days and hopefully also breakfast both days. Sleeping spaces will be provided for everyone who needs it.

How much> Participation is free. We will be seeking donations from those able to give them to cover inevitable expenses for food and the like.

What else> We are aware that some of those interested in participating in the NTAC meeting are also interested in being at the Climate Justice Action meeting the same weekend. We were unfortunately not aware that the CJA would be starting already on the 18th. This is why we’ve chosen a meeting place as close to the CJA meeting as possible to facilitate people or groups overlapping between meetings. We hope everyone will find this acceptable and workable.

Oh yes…and there will be a Midsummer party on Friday evening. >)


Hvad> Næste internationale møde i Never Trust A COP netværket.

Hvornår> 18. og 19. juni. Begge dage fra kl. 10.00 til 20.00 (cirka)

Hvor> I “Byens Lys” på Christiania.

Hvem> Som der står i vores call out er alle velkomne, men hierarkiske strukturer accepteres ikke – dvs. ingen NGOere, GOere, politiske partier eller repræsentanter for dem.

Mad og søvn> Der vil være frokost og aftensmad begge dage. Vi håber der også vil være morgenmad begge dage. Der vil blive stillet sovepladser til rådighed for alle som har brug for det.

Hvor meget> Deltagelse er gratis. Vi kommer til at bede om donationer fra de som er i stand til at give dem for at dække uundgaælige udgifter til mad og lignende.

Hvad ellers> Vi er klar over at nogle af de, der er interesserede i at deltage i NTAC også er interesserede i at deltage i Climate Justice Action mødet samme weekend. Vi var desværre ikke klar over, at CJA ville starte allerede torsdag d. 18. Vi har derfor valgt et mødested så tæt på CJA mødet som muligt, for at facilitere at personer eller grupper kan overlappe mellem de to møder. Vi håber alle kan leve og arbejde med den løsning.

og til sidst…fredag aften bliver der en midsommer fest. >)

What is this?

This is the contact point for the outside world into our direct action network. Hopefully sooner rather than later we’ll have a proper wiki and a space of our own, but for now this will have to do. We had to erect this as a stop gap measure since the email we first created got shut down with no explanation. So now we are again reachable to the outside world.

Who the HELL ARE WE??

Well, we are a direct action network organising towards the COP15 summit on climate change in Copenhagen next December. If you hadn’t guessed, we’re not well pleased by what is and will be going on in this forum…

What do we want?

Well for starters on the next page is the text of our call out to action and as soon as they are available we’ll be posting details on the next upcoming international meeting of the network in Copenhagen in June…